SKYRMIO is an extraordinary new magnetic cube group of the next era that is made to stimulate and revive the cognitive skills of imagination and imagination in a kid. Smartphones, tablets and various other tech-gadgets are mainly putting a poor influencing a childs physical and mental development in the st hundred years, which remarkable new group of magnetic cubes will improve the innovative and innovative talents of children world-wide.

In addition, SKYRMIO happens to be being crowdfunded on Kickstarter with an objective to improve a sum of nearly $, which extraordinary German invention will be shipped world-wide as an incentive to the supporters of the fundraising campaign. SKYRMIO are multi-colored, innovative and perfect-fitting magnetic blocks to make use of as playthings and artwork. Said Peter Kroll, a German astronomer and the inventor of SKYRMIO, while presenting it to the Kickstarter community.

Exactly what is a skyrmion?

You could be wondering how we developed that strange name of SKYRMIO. Where does it originates from? – Skyrmions, specifically, magnetic skyrmions, have become tiny particles – in reality, so-known as quasiparticles – of nanometer size which are called after an English physicist Tony Hilton Royle Skyrme. Not far later on skyrmions will become another breakthrough in storage space press.

This original name and the actual fact that it is linked to small magnets was the exciting kick for all of us to call our product SKYRMIO.

The Kickstarter Marketing campaign is located on the internet at:

and backers from all over the world may support this task by building generous pledges and donations. SKYRMIO is filled with many amazing features and it requires the concept of blocks or Legos to another level. Furthermore, the advertising campaign offers many amazing benefits of SKYRMIO for the backers and each incentive includes worldwide shipping. Additional information are available on the Kickstarter advertising campaign page of the task.


SKYRMIO can be an all-new magnetic cube collection for kids and individuals that can be found in several colours and includes many amazing features. Invented by way of a German astronomer, this phenomenal new toy could also be used as art and was created to improve the cognitive and innovative capabilities of kids. The project is actually becoming crowdfunded on Kickstarter and the inventor of the advertising campaign, Peter Kroll can be welcoming everyone for the support.