Know someone who has trouble sleeping? Consider giving them this device as a gift.

Sleep is the foundation for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. It helps us stave off mood fluctuations, prevents us from consuming excessive calories, and balances our hormone levels.

Despite the remarkable importance of sleep, some of us lead busy lives that may reduce the hours and quality of sleep we get each night. Between your job, going to school, attending social events, and even checking the hundreds of emails and notifications you receive daily, it seems difficult to finally wind down at night and get quality sleep.

This is where this new product, EarlyBirdy, shines. It’s a total game changer in helping you improve your sleep patterns so you can be the best version of yourself every day. By locking away your phone into the EarlyBirdy box to charge each night, you will greatly reduce the amount of blue light that enters your eyes before sleeping. This is beneficial because blue light severely suppresses melatonin, a hormone that is produced in the brain and is integral to deep, restorative sleep.

In the morning when your phone alarm goes off, the EarlyBirdy box requires you to move the box to where you placed your key stand, somewhere outside of your bedroom. Once you open the box, you can turn off your alarm. No snoozing will take place. And no lingering in bed will cause you to waste time in the morning.

The Early Birdy box has been engineered to optimize your sleep quality by training you to avoid looking at your phone before drifting off to sleep. Additionally, you are not given the option to “snooze” your alarm, which causes you to start your day on your feet, fully awake.

Some customers may ask, “What if I get an emergency call?” The EarlyBirdy box has a built in the transparent window that can allow you to attend to those important calls or texts from family members and friends that are not typical late at night. Furthermore, the easy unlocking design of the box allows you to quickly unlock it without disturbing your partner or roommates.

With the Early Birdy box, you can expect a big difference in how you feel and perform the next day! Some users feel results more immediately, while the majority might take up to a week before they catch on good quality sleep. In the technological age of fast-paced information and on-the-go lifestyles, EarlyBirdy is truly an innovation that can change your life for the better and help restore your sleep to the way biology intended!

Learn more about EarlyBirdy at and reach out to [email protected] for inquiries.

Not only are they fun, however when used regularly, studies show that jumping on trampolines offers many physical, health insurance and educational benefits for kids too.

8 Great things about Kids Trampolines

Here are some of the numerous benefits associated with why trampolining is good for your kids.

1. Teaches persistence

It requires time to understand specific skills over a trampoline, but because it’s so much fun, kids will often persist until they get their steps absolutely right.

2. Improves self-esteem

As a kid experts new skills on the trampoline they start to get confidence, which translates into an improved self-image.

3. Results learning success

As kids figure out how to control the movement of their body, it can help those to learn other things too.

Just because a trampoline teaches muscle control and coordination, many children see a noticable difference in their learning success when they use a trampoline regularly.

4. Improves flexibility

Jumping on a trampoline strengthens and lengthens muscles and boosts flexibility.

5. Develops engine skills

When kids join a trampoline their brain is forced to function bilaterally as they jump along in the air.

Both sides of their brain and both sides with their body must interact to keep coordination and balance when over a trampoline. Therefore helps increase their electric motor skills.

6. Cardiovascular workouts

Jumping on the trampoline enhances a child’s heartrate and gives their heart a great workout.

7. Improved posture

Along with improving kids balance, jumping on a trampoline can improve their posture.

The trampoline floor is continually moving and kids must be aware with their centre of gravity at all times.

The balance they learn on a trampoline helps improve balance in other activities too.

8. Exercise in disguise

Trampolining is exercise in disguise which is simply perfect for kids who don’t like getting involved in activities lessons or athletics.

A trampoline offers fun conditioning for kids, an opportunity to move their body and exercise for a few momemts or more each day without them even realising!

Why is Warmer summer months Camp Important?
Summer time camp is important because it offers a structured chance for children to grow. Kids go from your home to institution to extracurriculars, with each environment adding to their development. Summer camp, then, is another unique place for progress, allowing kids to be independent and self-confident, while socializing and making new friends, and even learning new skills.

Summer months Camp BenefitsKids at summer months camp having fun outside
1. Camp Helps Kids Create a Unique Interest
There aren’t many schools offering video game design for kids, archery, or entrepreneurship. But, there are a variety of camps that focus on these activities (up to 14,000 camps in the US actually, as estimated by the North american Camp Connection).

So if your son or daughter has an fascination with anything beyond the core college subjects or activities, where do they go to learn or gain experience? There might be a few after-school options like a robotics golf club, etc., but even then, you’re adding one more thing onto the plate of a student who already has home work and other commitments to juggle.

So, camp is one very good, distraction-free option, and permits a period for kids to kick the tires on a fresh interest. Following that, you never really know what that interest might turn into

team focusing on a robot

2. Camp Reinvents and Eliminates Categories
I up to date this post specifically to include this bit I ran across from Father or mother Guide Media:

“Students often attend university every year with the same peers, which can result in labeling and being ‘stuck’ with a particular perception. A kid could become known as studious, peaceful, etc., when, really, they can be boisterous in another environment. Children who go to day or sleepaway camps meet a whole other group of people in an alternative environment. Often times, a child will use of his supposed categorization if given the chance.” Visit:

That is such a great point and something we’ve experienced personally, both through making changes in myself and witnessing changes through peers. Summer camp can really change lives.

We’ve all been designed by our environments in a single way or another, however when that shaping forms someone into a long lasting, ill-fitting configuration, it’s problematic for those to “use” unless they get out.

Camp allows kids to get out…and into a host filled with other people who see what is before them, rather than what they’ve been trained to look out of years of false reinforcement.
3. Camp Allows for a Deep Dive Into New Skills
Even though your school possesses “different” activities, summer camp permits a further dive.

Think about providing your child per week or even more to be immersed in coding, or specific skill-building in a sport like Lacrosse. These opportunities are present at camp, and it’s troublesome to find such targeted activity elsewhere. (In addition if it is something like coding you select come early july, there are a number of benefits of technology for children, together with the camp benefits!)

Plus, kids and young adults have the ability to really escape their safe place to use some risks using their skills, with no looming concern with inability and resulting repercussions.
4. Camp Contributes to a New Kind of Friendship-Building
Also, it’s not only a week engrossed in a single particular sport, or subject, but it’s jumping into a task with other kids serious enough about any of it to attend camp (exactly like your son or daughter).

I’ve heard it a million times from campers: “I’m in my own aspect” or, “I’ve found my people!” Students who connect to like-minded peers have the ability to easily build friendships (potential lifelong friendships) rooted in similar hobbies. These relationships can result in even more, as students are essentially networking, and have names to ask when it comes to performing a aspect task, finding an internship, or even starting a fresh businesses with the good friend they achieved at robotics summer time camp, or wherever.
5. Camp Helps with Mental Stimulation & EXERCISE
We are all familiar with summer time learning loss, summer months brain drain, the slide, or whatever you want to call it. Most of us probably also feel that kids don’t get enough physical activity through the summertime as well.

Camp can get kids heading, both mentally and physically. Have a child who loves video gaming? Who doesn’t? Camp allows kids to log off of couches and into classes that teach them steps to make game titles rather than simply participating in. Camp will also enable exercise no matter their camp of preference. (Yes, even technical camps provide a great deal of outdoor time. More camp common myths.)

6. Camp Reinforces Independence and Empowerment
Even if you think your children are independent, absolutely nothing brings about and lab tests that independence more than providing them with time from you, independently.

Without mommy or dad around, who is going to make your child’s decisions? Who’s going to inform them to brush their pearly whites? Make the foundation? At camp, they themselves are.

Camp allows for a opportunity for children to seriously understand the idea that goes into making a right decision, and can discover even more about themselves along the way. Not to mention (ear muffs for those parents who think they should be the only way to obtain guidance for his or her kids), children can also trim on peers for support, if indeed they do need additional help. There are a number of other life skills kids and young adults can create at camp, too.

Warmer summer months Camp Benefits Girls

7. Camp Allows for Assurance to be Reinforced by Success
With activity and expansion comes success or failure. Whether it’s golf ball or 3D modeling, each activity comes with its own group of minuscule milestones and testing. A few of these activities might be completely new to your son or daughter, while others could be extensions of what they know.

Maybe they’ve never played rugby before, or simply they’ve played tennis but haven’t attempted an overhand serve. By getting out on the court and understanding how to play tennis, or even putting together some type of an overhand help, a rise in assurance will result. After that, your university student leaves camp with inner support strong enough to compel them to test for the school golf team…and then who understands what they’ll become.
8. Camp Leads to Creativity, Free from Judgement

Technically an art, I could have put this bit on creative imagination in the above mentioned section. But, it’s important enough to stand alone.

Coding is an art, but making mobile video games is an manifestation of imagination (as is filming a movie or creating a photography stock portfolio). At camp, there isn’t really failing, only the opportunity to try new things, which alone is a success.

Creativeness can’t be stifled at camp because students don’t have to get worried about obtaining a faltering grade, as stated above. It is only when kids are free from such restriction that their creativeness can flourish.

9. Camp Builds All-Around Resilience
That is a culmination of many of the aforementioned benefits. New friendships, self confidence, independence, sense of owed. All of these things contribute to the introduction of your child as they make strides from being truly a kid to a solid, considerate, qualified adult.

10. Camp Instills Appreciation and Gratitude
And let’s remember, time abroad helps kids appreciate home, their parents, their belongings, meals cooked by mom or daddy, and everything else they don’t have at camp.

Unfortunately, the understanding doesn’t previous long generally in most kids, and may take more than a week away to allow them to truly appreciate all that’s given to them on a regular basis. But, appreciation definitely takes condition at camp.