Lift installation in your home is a great upgrade and investment. It allows you to travel up from level to level without the hassle of climbing the stairs. This is particularly helpful if you are lugging around heavy items or if you are physically unable to conquer the flights of stairs. However, you need to know how to prepare your home for a lift installation. This allows you to prepare the house so that the process will be more streamlined. This is also an excellent investment that can increase the market value of your home.

Steps To Prepare

Decide On Adding Or Retrofit

The first step is to decide between adding an elevator or simply going for retrofit. A retrofit elevator is typically cheaper than adding an elevator. However, you risk losing precious storage or cabinet areas. Conversely, adding an elevator costs more. There are extra costs to adding a new area to your home, but it does give you a choice in terms of the exact location as well as the size of the elevator.

Search For Contractors

The next step is to find a competent contractor that is up for a job. Research contractors having past experiences with installing elevators. Compare the different companies in terms of reviews, prices, and experience. These experts will oversee the construction and point out the crucial details such as the location of power lines.

Customize Your Lift

The next step is to craft the best lift design that will fit you and your home’s needs. There are two main types of elevators suitable for residences. The first is traction elevators. These are space-saving since they do not need a machine room to operate. These are also quieter than the usual elevators. This system has ropes and steel belts to lift the compartment from floor to floor.
The second option is a hydraulic elevator. This requires a separate machine room that must be installed in your home. This area houses all the necessary machinery that powers your elevator. Despite this type of elevator requiring a machine room, the room is not necessarily big.

Schedule The Installation

Elevators do not come assembled. Most require days to weeks to install. This still depends on the type of elevator you pick. Make sure to clear out your schedule and vacate your home in case the construction noises get too loud or distracting.

Annual Maintenance

Elevators need annual maintenance to ensure that they stay in top working shape. Your contractor must be able to schedule follow-up check-ups to ensure that the elevator is functioning as intended. Maintenance helps you save money by reducing issues and it also gives you peace of mind.

Lift installation is an amazing upgrade that brings with it convenience and comfortability. Partner with a reliable company like for your elevator needs, from installation to maintenance.