The app for long-distance grandparents and traveling parents”

Together is a video calling app specifically designed for children to interact with their long distance grandparents or traveling parents. The app offers playful and educational activities to help create an emotional bond despite the distance. Visit:

With this app a grandmother can read a bedtime story to her granddaughter even when they live far away from each other. Or, a dad can play a memory game or draw in real time with his son while he is traveling for work.


► High quality video contacting

► Read books collectively: The particular iphone app gives a catalogue of books you can read while video speaking

► Scan your own books: Add your own books to your catalogue using our integrated publication scanner

► Play childish games with each other: We give you a choice of simple games like memory, stop and finding objects collectively to engage children while they interact with their long distance family members

► Draw together in real time: Draw and color different images while creating special times together


Together can be saved for free but is limited to starting no greater than 3 free calls (receiving calls is unlimited). Upgrade to our subscription plan to remove calling restrictions.

Thanks a great deal for assisting the development of this app!

Together includes a pre-installed library of books to read with your children. You will be able to point at things on the book and see where they are touching. You can also scan your own existing books and add them to your personal library.

The app also includes a selection of interactive games that you can play together. They are designed to engage children while having fun and learning new things with you. Current games include: Memory, Bingo, Drawing together, Guess Who, Connect 4, Tic Tac Toe and Chutes & Ladders. New games are added constantly to the app.

With Together you can create a strong relationship and never miss a moment despite the distance.