The friendship is one of the main issues for teenagers. Sometimes, parents live it with sadness to be able to it can mean an estrangement of the kids but, to comprehend the value of the band of friends can be good to aid the parents and can assist in the development from the adolescence to the adult phase.
The type of things do the young obtain of these band of friends?

Mainly, the group assists with the search of their own identity. The family moves into the history plus they need to determine new associates “there out” to create physical rather than a great deal “electric” friends’ nets. Young people make an effort to discover their place in the world and be learned their own personality.

Band of peers: every young has connection with other young people with their same likes, forms of dressing, interest, etc. They are simply comfortable plus they can discuss what’s going on to them because they’re feeling the same things. They create a new code of trust one another. Visit:

Acceptance: It is vital that the young accept him/herself and he/she can get it by using the band of peers and the family.

Independence: The young starts to create in him/her own identity thanks to believe that they participate of an organization. It is a required and beneficial process for the preparation to the adult’s world.

What should parents make with this example?

To learn them: if parents come nearer to the band of friends to learn them, future problems can be avoided.

To avoid the issues: in some cases, it could be a negative influence for the band of friends, making the youth use drugs o consume alcohol, for example. In this case, the parents have to give consideration and to take action straight with the dialogue to stay away from the problem. If it was not useful, the parents should ask a specialist who are able to guide the young.

In Spain, at the SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL centres, you will get the figure of “counselor”. The counselor can function in a primary way or turning to some type of association or general public services.

Regardless, the best way to create a relationship between the young and his/her parents is keep a fluent communication. They may face up every personal or professional problem or concern. It’ll make improve the empathy and facilitate the communications skills in every stages of life.